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Update 09/30/2023

Android App update for support of the latest android phones


On this website you will find a collection of useful tools (mainly pediatric calculators) for easing a pediatricians every day work. Some should be interesting for every pediatrician (f.e. blood pressure percentiles, percentile plotter) some might target only subspecialization (f.e. kidney percentile plotter, echocardiography z-score calculators).

The german version of this website goes back to 2008 and has been rewritten in 2012. Since there is a rising number of non-german-speaking visitors of this site, the name of the website and app has been changed from "Kinderarzt Rechner" to "Ped(z) - Pediatric Calculator". There is also an app available for Android and IPhone/IPad with the same tools as on this website.

Problem reports, bugs or proposals for improvements are always welcome!