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Body percentiles

Calculation of somatic percentiles (weight, height, head circumference etc.)

Birth percentiles

Newborn percentiles according to Voigt or Fenton

BP percentiles

Blood pressure percentiles according to the AHA Task Force

Kidney percentiles

Percentiles for sonographic assessment of the kidney

QTc interval

Calculation of the QTc interval using heart rate or RR interval

Body surface area

Calculation of the body surface area


Thresholds for phototherapy and exchange transfusion


Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate

Syringe pump

A calculator for syringe pumps without units

Gestational age

Gestational age calculated by estimated and actual birthday

Cardiac z-scores

Cardiac z-scores for pediatric echocardiography

Aortic root z-scores

Aortic root z-scores for pediatric echocardiography

Fetal echo z-scores

Z-scores for prenatal echocardiography

ECG normal values

Normal values for pediatric ECG according to Park/Guntheroth

Midparental height

Target height of children estimated through the height of their parents


Spirometry z-scores between 3 and 95 years